Common Core

Common Core is the next new “thing” in education.  It is a list of learning objectives that each student should know for each grade level.  Objectives aren’t a new thing, but these standards are more in-depth.  They are focused on problem-solving and explaining the process instead of simply providing an answer.  The idea is fewer objectives for each grade level and those objectives should be taught to mastery.  The Common Core Standards have been adopted in all but five states, so finally everyone is on the same page!  Kids in Kansas, Florida, and Maine will all be learning the same objectives in the same school year.  Right now there are math and English/language arts standards.  Hopefully there will be science and social studies standards in the future.  The 2013-2014 is the first year for full Common Core implementation for many states.  I think this is an exciting time in education!

I will provide the Common Core Standards in italics.  For example: (Grade 2- Add and subtract within 20) is a 2nd grade math objective.  Of course, visiting the Common Core website will provide even further information.


Commentary about Common Core:

Sorry, Louis C.K., but You’re Wrong About Common Core by By Alexander Nazaryan 


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