Ten Things About Me

1.  I have two little girls.  Big Sis is 4 and Little Sis is 2.  I call them both Sis.  Much easier to just remember one name.

2.  I was a 2nd grade teacher for eight years.  I loved it.  The first few months I couldn’t believe people were actually paying me to do something I would do for free!  I loved my principal, co-workers, curriculum, and students.  It was very difficult decision to quit.  My last day of teaching was in May 2013.  Now I really do hang out with kids for free.

3.  My husband and I went to the same junior high and high school.  We never spoke until senior year.  I thought he was a nerd.  He thought I was stuck up.  We were both right.  We emailed once we went to college (three hours apart from each other) and started dating as sophomores.

4.  I’m from a small town, but now live in the “big city” of Kansas City.

5.  I like making lists.  Maybe that should be #1.  Sometimes I make lists of things I do after I do them just so I can cross them off.  Okay.  Now I sound crazy.

6.  I love kids but I hate all their junk.  It’s probably the worst thing about being a stay-at-home mom.  You can never pick up fast enough.  That’s why I need to get out of the house.

7.  I’m very sappy and sentimental.  I’m also sarcastic.  I’m not sure how those go together.  You know, except alliteration.

8.  Maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever done is bike across Missouri on a tandem bicycle with my husband.

9.  I love taking pictures of my kids.  I am terrible at printing those pictures or displaying them.  I figure I can get to that part once they leave for college.  Then I’ll really want to look at those pictures, right?

10.  I am currently addicted to Candy Crush.  There.  I have admitted it.


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