How to Get Free (or Really Cheap) Kid Books

If reading is the best way to teach your kids, then books are the best things to give them.  Here are a few ways to get free (or really cheap) books for your kids:

  • book trade playdate–  Have books that you no longer want or multiple copies of the same book?  Invite friends over for a playdate and everyone brings a set number of books.  Then you can take turns picking out “new” books
  • book baby shower– Have each guest bring their favorite children’s book and write a little message in it.  This is especially a great idea for a second (or third or whatever) baby shower when you already have the necessities.
  • book birthday party– Ask for books for presents!
  • Craigslist– Check out the “free” and “kid” sections of your local Craiglist.
  • Freecycle– See if anyone wants to get rid of kid books in your area.
  • garage sales– Look for garage sales with kids items and go right before they close.  They will probably sell you a whole box of books for a few dollars just so don’t have to pack them up!
  • used book sales– Libraries and elementary schools sometimes host used book sales as a fundraiser.  The school where I taught had a sale every spring- paperbacks for $.50 and hardbacks for $1!
  • thrift stores– As well as selling used clothes and toys…there are also books!
  • Half Price Books– Shop the clearance section for amazing deals.  This was my go-to shop for books in my classroom.
  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library– If there is a program available in your area, you can sign-up to get a book in the mail every month!  This programm is for kids from birth to five years old.

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