Day 1

This is the day.  The day that would have been the first day of new school year.  The day when I would have rushed around getting little ones dressed and fed and dropped off (hoping they didn’t cry) at preschool.  The day when I would see all my teacher friends and answer the question “How was your summer?” twenty times.  The day when I would be making name tags and putting up bulletin boards.

But it wasn’t that day.  It was the day that my daughters crawled into bed with me and cuddled while watching Dada get ready for work.  It was the day while we ate a lazy breakfast, played with puzzles, cleaned the kitchen a bit, then went to see a magic show.

When I quit my job last spring I thought today would really bother me.  Packing up my classroom in May didn’t seem real.  But not coming back in August?  That would be weird.  I have been going “Back to School” as a student or teacher since I was five-years-old.  I love buying new school supplies and making a fresh start.

But now I am making a new fresh start being a stay-at-home mom.  It is pretty exciting doing something I never thought I would do.  Although the more I think about it…of course I should be a stay-at-home mom!  I love kids and my daughters’ ages (2 and 4) are especially fun.  I love doing silly kid stuff like magic shows.  Not going to school today didn’t seem nearly as strange as I thought it would.  Maybe it won’t really hit me until the fall.  Maybe I’m just so excited about my summer not ending on August 7 that it still hasn’t sunk in that I don’t have a classroom anymore.  I don’t have a desk anymore.  I don’t have a job anymore.

Okay.  It feels a little weird.


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